Whitchurch-on-Thames Habitat Study Group (WoTHabs) is the parish environmental and conservation group, formed in November 1997.

 The aims of the group are:-

  •  to encourage the protection and enhancement of habitats to maintain biodiversity
  • to promote local interest and enthusiasm for the natural environment
  • to survey the varied habitats within our parish area
  • to record the species found to build up a local database
  • to provide our survey results to regional and national organisations

WoTHabs recognises common interest with PAWS (the Pangbourne & Whitchurch Sustainability Group) and works with them informally on joint events and projects.

They also work with other groups of a similar nature and exchange information, advice and knowledge with them, including cooperation with other voluntary bodies, charities, statutory and non-statutory organisations.

WoTHabs organises the following range of activities which the local community are encouraged to get involved in: -

Work Parties - get some outdoor exercise and help with our latest projects
Flower Walks - join us in walks around the parish to see flowers & fungi in season
Explorer Days & Bio Blitz - to develop children’s awareness of the wildlife around them by having lots of fun in fields and woods
Species Surveys - keep records of butterflies, birds, etc for the national groups
Wildlife Site Surveys - help survey sites for their potential for wildlife; monitor the Local Wildlife Sites in this parish

See the Nature Notes pages of the website which provide some interesting and informal articles about the wonderful natural world here in our local area. 

Contacts: John Bradon: john@jbradon.co.uk; Gill Goodwin: gill_goodwin@yahoo.co.uk; Sally Woolhouse: sally.woolhouse@gmail.com