The Green Team

Volunteers have been dedicating time and energy to maintaining the green spaces in Whitchurch on Thames. They have been organised either informally or in more formal groups, such as WOTHABS, MOWS or the Village Green Working Group. The idea of the Green Team is to have these events organised into a programme and to involve a wider group of volunteers.

The Green Team is a team of both core and ad hoc volunteers who help look after and maintain the green spaces in the village. Coming together in this way also encourages a sense of community and is a good way of getting to know people.
The Green Team will work closely with WOTHABS. The MOWS group has been merged into the Green Team. A project is underway to rejuvenate the site of the Polish Church Memorial Garden.

Picture from working party July 2019

The Terms of Reference

Village Maintenance Schedule for 2022

How do I get involved?
Contact Jill Bradon 0118984 1574 or email

The latest Newsletter is:- April 2023

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The green spaces in the village



More information

Village Green and surrounding area

Village Green Working Group

Parish Council contract  for mowing. Additional work as required by VGWG

St Mary’s Churchyard

Friends of St Marys and St Johns

Parish Council contract   for mowing. Maintained by Friends

Village Hall  surrounding area

Village Hall Management Committee

Parish Council contract   for mowing

Manor Road Children's Playpark   Parish Council contract   for mowing. Other general maintenance required, cleaning
Manor Road verges round Playpark and Village Hall N/A Parish Council contract   for mowing
Manor Road verges, north side from High Street for 100m Martin Bengtzen and Frances Dixon Parish Council contract   for mowing. Planting and yew tree care


Sally and Pete Woolhouse

Parish Council contract   for mowing. Monthly working parties throughout the summer

Jubilee Walk, Hardwick Road

Alexa Duckworth-Briggs

Parish Council contract  Tree maintenance and clearing as required 

Muddy Lane

Neil Huntington

Parish Council contract  Sweep in Autumn and fill puddles with shingle

Footpath up Whitchurch Hill


Parish Council contract   for mowing. Trimming and clearing required

Hardwick Road/High Street triangle/ bench area

Tim Hardwick

Parish Council contract   for mowing. Trimming and clearing required

Swanston Field and High Street Weed killing


Parish Council contract  for weedkilling. Some sweeping and clearing required

Bell mouth entrance to Walliscote Drive Leslie Maynerd Clearing, planting and watering

Manor road footpath (middle of Manor Road to south part of Manor Road)


 Sweeping and trimming back vegetation

Manor Road entrance


 Sweeping and weeding

Polish Church Memorial garden

Anna Szczeponek

Polish Church Memorial Garden

Bank on north side of Hardwick Road and Hillside, east end


Tree Clearing as required

Hardwick Road embankment, west end

Sarah and Adrian Dixon

Cutting back and trimming plants overhanging into the road

The Cut


Repaved recently, leaf sweeping in autumn

Eastfield Lane south verges


A resident cuts some verges. Other verges tidied to make walk to school easier

Slipway and river steps


Opportunity to put bench near slipway if ivy cleared. River steps crumbling and overgrown