Petition for a Newt survey at Eastfield House

A petition to South Oxfordshire District Council has been launched by Laura Lucas to ask the owners of the derelict Eastfield House, Urban Village Group, to carry out a survey for Great Crested Newts before starting building work at the site.  Already, 415 people have signed it. 

Laura, who lives nearby, says: “Great Crested Newts are Britain’s most protected amphibian and have been found at the far end of Eastfield Lane and are known to have been seen at the Walled Garden Pond at the High Street too.  They migrate between a network of ponds for breeding, but actually spend most of their life on land between the ponds in their network, and find sites more attractive when the grass hasn’t been mowed regularly (Eastfield House gardens have had no maintenance for over 6 years).” 

The request to SODC and the owners is for a comprehensive newt survey now, or else a delay to the start of construction by three months from the planned date this month, to be clear of the breeding season. 

There is more on the petition website

Jim Kerevan, who lives next door to the derelict care home, said he had not seen any newts, but he hoped the owners would get on with the building work as soon as possible.  Eastfield Lane has been blighted for many years by the abandonment of its largest building, he said, and it had become a magnet for youths trying to break in.

Update, 17th March:

A senior planning officer at SODC has written to our District Councillor Peter Dragonetti on this subject, explaining that in her opinion there is no justification for insisting on a Newt survey – text here

Laura Lucas has responded to this.

Date/Time : Thursday, 16th March 2023 15:43

Incident at Hartslock

On Saturday afternoon at around 4.30 pm a stream of two ambulances, a fire engine and several police vans crossed the bridge from Pangbourne and came up the High Street with sirens blaring.  They are understood to have turned left along the Hartslock Bridleway and driven as far as the Hartley steps.  From the Berkshire side of the river a fire boat is reported to have approached the location, which is across the river from the Beale Wildlife Park.  Ambulances were also seen at Shooter's Hill, Pangbourne.  

The suggestion has been made that a pleasure cruiser was in trouble but there has been no confirmation.

Update, Monday 13th March, 9 am: there were unconfirmed reports this morning that the emergency services were trying to reach the site of a tragic accident involving a young person, a rope swing and a falling tree in Hartslock Wood, near the concrete bunker on the river side of the Thames Path.

Date/Time : Sunday, 12th March 2023 11:35

Refreshing the Whitchurch web

Regular readers will know that there is a wealth of information on the pages of this website, which the editorial team does its best to keep up to date.  New material is often posted - here are some recent additions: 

  • Ever wondered why Old Barn Cottages are so called?  An article, with a painting, about the lost High Street barn can be found on the About the Village page.
  • Fancy having a go at fly fishing this year?  An expert in the village offers taster sessions.  Find him on the Sports page.
  • Want to help look after the village?  A new edition of the Green Team newsletter has just appeared on the Green Team page.
  • The enterprises in Whitchurch are many and varied.  Recently arriving on the Businesses page are Glamping at Bozedown, Sadhama Wellbeing at Hardwick and Bijou Holistic Therapies in Eastfield Lane. 

Regular postings, for those who like to keep up to date, include: 

  • The latest monthly Minutes, on the Parish Council page.
  • The latest Whitchurch Bulletin, also on the Parish Council page.
  • The latest Parish Magazine, on the Church page, in colour. 

Any topic can be found quickly by using the Search Engine at the foot of our front page.  It goes through the back numbers of the above three and through all the past news items, in fact through the entire website including the photo archive. 

Our thanks to the many residents who help make our village website a lively and up-to-date place. 

Richard Wingfield, News Editor

Hilary Jensen, Page Editor

Pam Scott, Events Editor

Date/Time : Wednesday, 01st March 2023 16:36

Butterflies are coming to the Bridge

Following the much enjoyed ‘yarn bombing’ of Whitchurch Bridge several years ago, this year’s project from Art in the Community returns to the bridge, this time with a special theme.  The idea is to encourage us to take a small step towards protecting our environment and counteracting climate change. 

A leaflet The Butterfly Effect explains it.  We are invited to choose a small change to make in our lives.  For each promise made, a green ribbon will be added to a colourful display of butterflies on the bridge. 

Gill Williamson says: 

We need some help!  Do you have any spare wool? 

In early May we’ll be covering the bridge in butterflies made by Crafty Knit & Stitch from upcycled materials, and we are running out of wool.  If you have any left-over wool, we would be delighted to put it to good use – just leave it in the box in the porch of Rosemead, Eastfield Lane. 

If you would like to join in making butterflies, please get in touch with me at or come along to Crafty Knit & Stitch at the Old Rectory Stables from 2pm to 4pm or from 7pm to 9pm on alternate Thursdays.  The next dates are 2nd, 16th and 30th March.

Date/Time : Monday, 20th February 2023 11:09

Police detain two youths

Following an attempt to break into Eastfield House last Monday, and the disappearance of two bikes from Swanston Field shortly afterwards, two youths were spotted at the empty care home again on Wednesday.  Once again, today Saturday, the pair returned to their favourite derelict property, oblivious to police interest since their first visit and also to the fact that their bike-riding photos are on the village website**.  This time, a phone call from a resident to the Thames Valley Police resulted in their being detained at 1.30 pm as they walked back across the toll bridge to Pangbourne (picture)

The Police will no doubt be asking where the bikes are, so there is perhaps some hope for Laura Lucas and John Barker that they will see their property returned.

**Photos of youths

Date/Time : Saturday, 18th February 2023 13:59

Alison Michael, former Parish Clerk

The Michael family are very sad to announce the passing of Alison Michael on 2nd February 2023, aged 81, peacefully at home.  Alison loved living in Whitchurch, she was a former Parish Clerk and actively involved in village life with her husband, Bob, until he sadly died in 2014.  They moved into their house in Swanston Field in 1990.  Alison and Bob’s children will be holding a celebration of their lives in Whitchurch in the summer and would love to bring friends together then to remember them. 

Friends are also very welcome to come to Alison’s funeral, which will be held at West Berkshire Crematorium on Wednesday 1st March at 2pm.  Webcast available, please email to access.  All welcome to join the family afterwards at The Angel in Woolhampton from 3-6pm.  Alison loved blue so please do wear some blue if you would like and as her funeral will be on St David’s Day, add a daffodil, particularly for our Welsh family and friends. 

Donations, if desired, to the British Heart Foundation or for those who prefer small and local, to Whitchurch on Thames Pre-School. 

Thank you.

Isobel Michael (daughter) 

Funeral details

For more on Alison and Bob's life and to see some family photographs, visit their British Heart Foundation page, using the link above. 

Date/Time : Sunday, 12th February 2023 11:52

Work on Eastfield House to start this Spring

The sale by Ross Healthcare of the derelict care home Eastfield House to Urban Village Group was completed in December.  This week David Choules, project director for the redevelopment, contacted parish chairman Jim Donahue to say that his team are now preparing for the construction project to enlarge the building from 27 to 45 ensuite bedrooms.  The building has been empty since 2016. 

The work will be done under planning application P11/S0126, which was turned down by SODC but then approved on appeal nearly ten years ago, in August 2013. 

Most of the main building, including the distinctive façade, will remain, while parts are demolished and major extensions are built, more than doubling the footprint.  The picture shown here is from the developer’s website

Urban Village Group, based in Sutton Coldfield, aims to start the £3.3 million building project in March or April this year and to open the new facility by the end of 2024.  It will be renamed Cedar Lodge Care Home in line with Urban Village’s other care home projects which include The Oaks in Birmingham, The Maples in Telford and The Rowan in Wigan. 

In coming weeks, the company plans to undertake bat surveys and newt inspections and to develop tree root protection plans. Skips will be delivered to the site and clearing out, inside and outside the building, is expected to begin.

The planning history of the site was summarized in a Henley Standard article of 2019, after an application was refused for complete demolition of the building. 

Laura Lucas, who lives near Eastfield House, says she understands that surveys for great crested newts can only be carried out between mid-March and June, and questions whether such an early start is feasible. She also points out that the building is currently being considered for heritage listing, and that the application included incorrect information on the architectural status of parts of the building.

Date/Time : Friday, 03rd February 2023 13:50

High Street will be closed for several days (Now re-opened)

British Gas contractor SGN worked through last night to repair a gas leak under the High Street between The Little House and Manor Cottage.  The hole is now (8 am Thursday) protected by barriers and there are Road Closed signs.  A few vehicles are being allowed through.  The street is open from the bridge to just north of Manor Road.  A diversion via Goring is operating. 

Update, 2.30 pm Thursday:  On the website there is now a notification that the road closure may need to continue for up to a week, until 1st February.  It seems that there may be several gas leaks.  On the road surface there are now extensive paint markings for investigations or repairs.   

Update, 4 pm Friday:  Investigation, ventilation and repair work has progressed today and will continue tomorrow Saturday.  An SGN operative explained today that several houses with cellars are affected as leaked gas has travelled underground over several weeks to a considerable distance away from the principal leak in the gas main, which was repaired yesterday.  He said that excavation work is now needed near White Hart Cottage, further up the road towards the picture gallery, where cars are usually parked.  He could not predict when the road would be reopened to traffic.  Asked how the public was reacting to the road closure, he said that the local residents were all polite and helpful, some offering cups of tea, whereas many drivers trying to pass through had made their frustration very clear. 

Update, 1 pm Saturday:  SGN say they have not discovered any more leaks.  The road will remain closed to traffic until after the holes are filled in early next week. 

Update, 4 pm Sunday:  SGN are still investigating traces of residual gas detected under the footpath near White Hart Cottage and Primrose Cottage.  Probing and testing is continuing, and it is possible that a new excavation will be needed to reach the gas main under the middle of the road in this area, if it is concluded that it has a leak. 

Update, 11 am Monday 30th: The first two holes are being backfilled and surfaced this morning.  The road remains closed to traffic.  Several smaller holes have been dug in the footpath outside the two cottages but these do not block the road.  Separately, under an earlier notification, Thames Water have today introduced one way traffic lights further up the High Street, near the Hartslock Bridleway junction, for work today and tomorrow.  Later (3 pm):  SGN now think it is unlikely that they will find any more gas leaks.  It seems possible that the road will be reopened to traffic tomorrow morning.  Later still (5 pm Monday): the road has REOPENED to traffic.  That just leaves the Thames Water traffic lights further up the hill, which are likely to cause some delays. 

Date/Time : Thursday, 26th January 2023 14:43

New: Friday Kitchen at the Village Hall

Our superbly refurbished village hall now offers excellent cooking facilities. Watch this brand new 6-minute video to see Whitchurch’s own resident hotelier and expert chef Jean Marc Grosfort in the village hall kitchen, preparing and cooking a delicious one-pot dish. 

If that inspires you, here is a challenge from Jean Marc.  He would like another resident of the village to come forward with their choice of a tasty one-pot dish and to make it in the village hall kitchen.  Nick Brazil, who made the video above, will be on hand again.  If you are interested in taking up Jean Marc's challenge, please let him know on 07881 312233 or send him an email

Here is a poster.

Date/Time : Tuesday, 24th January 2023 16:05

High level work in St Mary’s church

St Mary’s church looks the same as usual from the outside.  But inside, a forest of scaffolding now supports three raised timber floors that enable a maintenance team to access every part of the ceiling of the nave, high above the pews. 

Church warden Paul Witcher explains: 

“Repainting and plasterwork repairs have been needed for many years and are now underway, together with a close-up inspection of the entire ceiling and some minor work on the lighting.  The Friends of the Churches, the Whitchurch charity generously supported by many village residents, has allocated £7,000 towards the cost of this vital maintenance project, while the Parochial Church Council will be digging into its funds for the remaining £13,000 or so. 

This project is an essential step in keeping our historic church building in a serviceable condition. Maintenance is not cheap but the work over the next few weeks should not need to be repeated for many years. The next major project at St Mary’s is expected to be refurbishment of the shingle cladding on the church spire.  Any contributions towards the future of our churches would be most gratefully received.” 

For more pictures, see the Photo Gallery. 

For more on the activities of The Friends, and to find out how to become a member of the charity, or to make a one-off contribution, go to this page.

Date/Time : Wednesday, 11th January 2023 16:04

King Charles sends thanks to Whitchurch

A message addressed to “The Residents of Whitchurch-on-Thames and Members of Whitchurch-on-Thames Parish Council” has been received from the King.  

The note reads: “It was so very kind of you to send me such a wonderfully generous message following the death of my beloved mother.  Your most thoughtful words are enormously comforting, and I cannot tell you how deeply they are appreciated at this time of immense sorrow.  Charles R.”

Here is an enlarged version of the photo above, taken by Parish Council chairman Jim Donahue, of the contents of the parcel he received by post this week, with the note ready-framed alongside an early picture of Charles and his mother.  

King Charles’ note of appreciation is in response to a letter of condolence, shown below, sent by the chairman of the Parish Council last September in accordance with the recommended protocol: 

To: The Private Secretary to His Majesty The King, Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA

 Dear Sir, 

As we mourn the sad news that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has died, the thoughts of the residents of Whitchurch-on-Thames are with the Royal Family as they grieve for their Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. The Queen demonstrated extraordinary dedication and commitment to duty throughout her reign and did so with a graceful strength and admirable determination. She ruled throughout decades of change, from the dark post war years through to the new horizons of the 21st century providing essential continuity for the nation. This is a period of public grief when people who do not know each other come together to mourn a national figure who has been consistent throughout our lives and for whom we have collective affection despite not knowing her personally. 

Please pass the condolences of the Whitchurch-on-Thames Parish Council to HM King.  A Book of Condolence has been opened and will be retained St Mary the Virgin Church in Whitchurch-on-Thames. 

Yours faithfully, 

Cllr Jim Donahue

Chairman of Parish Council


Date/Time : Thursday, 05th January 2023 17:31

Toll barrier receives unexpected New Year knock

Police were called to the toll bridge at around 3 pm on Saturday (New Year’s Eve) after a northbound driver, approaching the toll booth from Pangbourne and swerving on to the wrong side of the road, drove into and uprooted the pillar supporting the barrier arm.  The car stopped just short of a southbound car waiting at the booth.  The driver was arrested and it is understood that she refused a breathalyser test.  The incident is expected to have been recorded on the Bridge Company’s CCTV system.

Date/Time : Monday, 02nd January 2023 15:14

Parking plan for High Street approved

The Parish Council has passed a motion to proceed with a Residents Parking and Pedestrian Safety Plan.

The Traffic and Parking Working Group (TAPWG), working with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Highways Department, developed four options based on the findings from the village-wide survey carried out in September 2021. 

The objectives for TAPWG were to secure dedicated parking spots on the High Street for residents and to ensure clear visibility for pedestrians crossing the High Street near the Greyhound, especially for parents and children on the school run. The plan would have additional benefits in terms of reduced congestion and pollution.  

Read the full announcement by the Parish Council, which includes maps showing where 19 residents-only parking bays would be located and outlines the next steps.  These are expected to lead to a consultation run by OCC, who will write to all High Street residents, before OCC takes the final decision on proceeding.

Date/Time : Monday, 19th December 2022 18:06

Happy Christmas!

The Whitchurch Web team wishes you a very Happy Christmas.  We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting the village website during the year.  Thanks to the many people who have provided news, events, photos, messages, responses and updated material for the pages.

We have a Christmas card for you to open – with a remarkable image made by Dave Olinski of the tower known as Wilder’s Folly, which is near Sulham, south of Pangbourne.

Dave explains how he created the picture: “It took about 85 images to capture the stars, which were then blended, using special software to show the trails.  I had to use an app to find the pole star and position myself so that it was as close as possible to centre over the folly, because the pole star is the centre of the rotation.  Then I shot three separate exposures for the folly, using a torch to light-paint either side and then to backlight myself standing in the opening. Then I blended those three exposures together with the star trails. It was a reasonable amount of work, but I was quite pleased with the result.”

The orange glow that can be seen in the background comes from the direction of Pangbourne/Whitchurch.  The romantic story of Reverend Henry Wilder and his brick tower of 1769 is mentioned here.  

Date/Time : Sunday, 18th December 2022 09:35

Water leak creates ice hazard in Hardwick Road

A Thames Water leak occurred today at a construction site on Hardwick Road between Swanston Field and Muddy Lane.  A pool of water formed along the edge of the road and on the pavement.  In the sub-zero temperature this has turned into ice, creating dangerous conditions especially for pedestrians, who will need to take care.

Update, 10 am Tuesday 13th: A stream of mains water has been flowing throughout the night and continues this morning.  The flow emerges from a valve chamber connecting to a house that is currently being extended.  A visit by Thames Water is awaited.

Update, 10 am Wednesday 14th: Thames Water visited yesterday and replaced a valve.  The pools of water have drained away.  

Date/Time : Monday, 12th December 2022 22:49

A day out to watch the football

Outside the Royal Oak public house at the top of Whitchurch High Street, football enthusiasts pose for the camera before they set off to Wembley by charabanc.  The date is not certain but it is probably about 100 years ago.  Eleanor Sugrue recently received this and some other photos showing the pub before it became Wellesley House.  She lives there now and they were recently sent to her by the family of the late Sally Trinder, who used to live there.  See the images in our gallery of historic photos, together with Stephen Trinder’s 1976 sketch of the house.

Date/Time : Sunday, 11th December 2022 15:38

Uncertain future for horses at Hardwick

The Rose family, owners of the Hardwick estate, have been developing their plans for the estate’s transition to a community-led charity. 

In an article that appeared in the Autumn 2022 edition of the Whitchurch Bulletin, the Hardwick Estate manager Miriam Rose explained: 

“Our work developing a vision for the Estate over the last few years made it very clear that addressing the food security crisis by producing quality organic food and other products, was at the core of Hardwick's ethos.  This crisis was illustrated during the pandemic when supermarket shelves were empty and the Tolhurst Organic veg shed had queues of customers, and even had to ration produce!  As a result, we are now in the slow process of transitioning our extensive areas of horse grazing over to agriculture over the coming years.  The fields currently used as a livery business at Hardwick Stud are the best quality for agriculture on the Estate, and the only soil similar enough to the walled garden for more horticulture or soft fruit production.  Therefore, the difficult decision has been made to convert this area, after two years notice, back into a farm growing produce for local needs.  The horses and all those who work with them will be very much missed but we hope that the wider community will also appreciate the need for this change.” 

Asked whether this means that all the horses will disappear from the Stud Farm and from the fields, Miriam commented: 

“We may well end up with one or two horses remaining in the Stud Farm building and upper fields in future. We would love to find a farmer who has the skills to incorporate some working horses into their operation, but that is to be seen.  When the current livery tenancy expires in 2024, the entire area will be converted to vegetable growing and maybe some sheep grazing.  The horses elsewhere on the Estate, which are in fields let directly to grazing tenants by the Estate Office, are also being phased out over time and will be replaced with other types of agriculture: orchards, sheep, dairy and other enterprises suitable to the soil and vegetation. 

We really welcome the input of local people and will be doing extensive consultations about Hardwick's land and buildings as we move forwards over the coming years.”

Date/Time : Friday, 09th December 2022 16:19

Restoration project on the way

The traffic-worn verges of Hardwick Road from the village to the Hardwick estate gates have been under close scrutiny recently as a long-considered improvement scheme moves forward. 

The aim of the project, which was included in the 2019 Village Plan, is to restore the biodiversity of the verges.  The verges would be rebanked and reseeded and, by marking the extent of the many passing places with wooden posts fitted with reflectors, it is hoped to reduce future traffic damage.  The project would involve soil and aggregate movement to provide better drainage, pothole repairs and seeding with grass and wild-flower mix.  John Bradon and Sally Woolhouse of WoTHabs, in consultation with Jon Beale of Oxfordshire Highways, and with support from the Parish Council, have put together documents for the work needed in 22 separate areas along the road. 

At their November meeting the Parish Council agreed to support the project, assuming that financial support is obtained as hoped from the Mend the Gap programme.  The programme is run by Network Rail as a compensation scheme for the visual effect on the Chilterns of the electrification of the railway.  After the work is done, the Parish Council would have responsibility for the maintenance of the proposed 29 marker posts and for their coverage by the council’s public liability policy. 

The WoTHabs team is now working on obtaining quotations and securing funding from Mend the Gap. The project is expected to cost several thousand pounds.

Date/Time : Saturday, 26th November 2022 10:23

Hardwick Road is closed to traffic today (Now re-opened)

A surprise closure to traffic on Hardwick Road is in operation today for repair work by an Openreach broadband contractor on an access manhole in the road near the western Swanston Field junction.  

The Highway Authority granted a permit for Openreach to carry out maintenance work in Hardwick Road during the period 2nd to 23rd November, listing it as ‘Roadworks, delays unlikely, some carriageway incursion’.  Added this morning is information about a closure today from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. 

Update, 2.30 pm: Road reopened.

Date/Time : Friday, 18th November 2022 11:01

Art & Craft exhibition – register by 9th November

Entries are flowing in for the Art & Craft Exhibition on 12-13th November.  The last date for pre-registering your entry on the exhibition website is Wednesday 9th November. 

This is a special year for two reasons - it is 50 years since the Whitchurch Cup was awarded (the first winner in 1972 was Jim Reed) and there is a special one-off prize for the best in the Adult Art section - a weekend painting course at the Joe Daisy studio in Mapledurham. 

The exhibition is open to residents and ex-residents of Whitchurch-on-Thames, Whitchurch Hill and Goring Heath, plus children at local schools.  For more information go to this page.

Date/Time : Wednesday, 02nd November 2022 10:20

Sue Matthews has died (Funeral details added)

With great sorrow we report that Sue Matthews, who lived in Eastfield Lane, died on Monday 26th October, at the age of 72.  She had suffered declining health for many months, caused by Motor Neurone Disease. She passed away at her home.

Sue was an active member of the Whitchurch community throughout her life and was involved in a wide range of activities.  She was a Church Warden, choir member and bellringer for many years, and was at the first History Society meeting in 1993.  She served on the Parish Council and chaired it for several years prior to 1997.  Older residents will recall her theatrical performances in village productions with The Riparians.  She had appeared in the first Riparians production in 1971.  Only a few years ago she played Mrs Malaprop in Sheridan's The Rivals, with the Basildonians.

Sue's parents, Victor and Jean Yaldren, who were leading lights in the village, lived nearby.  Her husband Alan died some years ago.  She is survived by her son Ben, her daughter Sarah and four grandchildren. 

Vicky Jordan said today: “Sue and I alternated as Chair and Secretary of the History Society for many years, and her knowledge of Whitchurch history is irreplaceable.” 

The photo above shows her in March this year, accompanied by her carer Nataliiya.

Update, 28th October:  The funeral will be held at St Mary's Church on Monday 14th November at 2.00 pm, followed by refreshments in the Village Hall.  The family welcomes all those who wish to pay respects to Sue's memory to join them. 

Date/Time : Wednesday, 26th October 2022 08:43

Have your say about the Manor Road playground

The Parish Council has been considering the funding of various repairs and improvements to the Manor Road playground and is now inviting residents to respond to a questionnaire survey:

“Whitchurch-on-Thames Parish Council is interested in your views on the Manor Road playground.

Substantial repair works are needed to the ‘wet pour’ surfacing underneath the various pieces of equipment and recent surveys show that some of the well-loved equipment is beginning to show signs of wear and corrosion. Whilst necessary repair works will be carried out, this also presents an opportunity to make changes to the playground and provides scope for any improvements our village would like to see.

We would be very grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes filling out the following questionnaire. Answers can either be submitted via the link below or alternatively a hard copy will be distributed through the upcoming village bulletin with further details on where to drop off completed forms.


This survey is anonymous and therefore there will be no use of personal data.

Should there be a majority of opinion from the village to see more than repair of the existing, we would also like to welcome interest from volunteers to join a working group to take forward any improvements. Please inform Jane Yamamoto if you would like to take part, on ."

Date/Time : Tuesday, 25th October 2022 17:23

Wrangle over cricket pavilion delays refurbishment

Ten years ago, the Whitelock family handed over the cricket field to the parish council and the cricket club.  Ambitious plans were then drawn up for a new sports pavilion, but these were abandoned in 2020 when it was decided that sufficient funds were unlikely to be raised. 

Since then, differences of opinion between the Cricket Club and the Parish Council have caused frustration on both sides in deciding how to fund a less costly project, the refurbishment of the existing pavilion.  The Cricket Club wants the Parish Council to contribute £5,000 to an estimated £30,000 project and considers that the buildings are the responsibility of the Club.  The Parish Council takes a different view, believing that the pavilion needs to be their responsibility and that, while keen to support cricket, they are legally unable to give public funds to a body that does not have the necessary constitution to receive them. 

This week, the Parish Council issued a statement: 

“The Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting on 3rd October to review the proposed agreement between the Parish Council and the Cricket Club to govern refurbishment of the pavilion. We have separately taken some informal legal advice that suggests the buildings on the Village Green are legally owned by the Parish Council and not the Cricket Club. This understanding has a number of implications including who is responsible for public liability, insurance, and health and safety checks for these buildings. We are now undertaking a formal legal review to confirm this. Once ownership is confirmed, upgrades to the pavilion and its on-going maintenance should be more straightforward going forward.” 

The minutes of the Parish Council’s Extraordinary Meeting on 3rd October can be read here.

Date/Time : Sunday, 23rd October 2022 11:43

High Street closed for second day running

Thames Water was called out yesterday to deal with leakage into a property from the foul water pipeline that runs down the High Street.  They obtained emergency permission to close the road.  Again today, Friday, the High Street near the Hardwick Road junction will be closed to traffic from 9.30 am to 3 pm.  The street will remain open from Pangbourne to a point just north of Manor Road. 

The pipeline runs beneath the middle of the High Street, but no excavation is involved.  A Thames Water supervisor says that a remotely controlled CCTV unit will be sent down the pipeline over a length of 150m  today, followed by cleaning of the pipeline.  The length under treatment is from a point 100m uphill of the art gallery to a point 50m downhill of it.

Date/Time : Friday, 07th October 2022 10:29