New Youth Theatre Group

A new theatre group for young people is being set up, which is very good news for the village. It will run on Fridays at the Village Hall.

It’s being run by Lori Taliesin who, as well as acting professionally and holding an Equity card, has taught in local schools including teaching SEN children.

It is hoped that there will be enough support to run three classes each Friday:

  •          Junior (Years 1-3)              3:45 - 4:45pm
  •          Intermediate (Years 4-7)    5:00 -7:00pm
  •          Senior (Years 8-11)            7:00-9:00pm

 The village hall is an ideal location for the classes as it has a proper stage, is fully insured, has a safeguarding policy and is also licenced for performances.

Contact Lori to join the free trial class on Friday 20th May by emailing

Date/Time : Friday, 13th May 2022 13:43

Green Team plants apple trees

Charles Cotgreave, who has helpfully taken over the reins of the Green Team from its creator Alexa Duckworth-Briggs, reports on recent progress: 

Work on the community orchard section of the Polish Church Garden has taken a significant step forward. Members of the Green Team have planted five heritage apple trees; a sixth will be planted in the autumn. The planting layout, the details of the apple varieties and the parentage of the grafts will be published in due course on the Polish Church Garden page of this website.  Other work carried out included this year's first mowing of the grass, and the cutting back of brambles which were growing through the snowberry bushes on the southern boundary.   

The team included the site guardian, Anna Szczeponek, who provided much appreciated refreshments, and local tree expert Alastair Dunstan, who has sourced and grafted the saplings.   Alastair is willing to help with similar plantings for people in the village and can be contacted for advice at  He thanks all those who have already expressed an interest in this work.  

The photo shows Charles Cotgreave with Pete Woolhouse and Alastair Dunstan.  There are more pictures in the Photo Gallery. 

Date/Time : Friday, 29th April 2022 12:06

Eastfield House sold to developer

The derelict care home Eastfield House in Eastfield Lane has been bought by the property development company Urban Village Group, based near Birmingham. On their website they say it will “be developed into a new purpose-built care scheme for senior living, featuring 45 ensuite bedrooms.”  It mentions a figure for construction costs of £3.3 million, which would be for the conversion and extension of the existing 27-bedroom building to a much larger facility, a front view of which is shown on their website and in the picture above. 

The design shown is thought to be the one for which planning permission was obtained by Majesticare in August 2013 on appeal.  It involves the partial demolition of the existing building.  A planning application for complete demolition was refused on appeal in 2020.

Eastfield House has been empty for six years.  After repeated incursions by young people a few years ago, the site security was reviewed and all the windows were boarded up.  Here is a recent photo

Date/Time : Friday, 22nd April 2022 17:46

Plan for Manor Road trees – comments invited

The Parish Council has developed a plan to upgrade the environment of Manor Road by replacing various trees on the left hand side (see picture) with yews, which would create a balance with the existing yews on the opposite side, recreating the original avenue. 

The trees to be replaced include Elm and Ash, both of which have health problems. 

There is more about the plan in this article by Councillor Katherine Higley.  She asks for comments by Friday 6th May, prior to the next Parish Council meeting on 12th May. 

Date/Time : Monday, 18th April 2022 13:34

Ukrainian Nataliia offers help in contacting refugees

Enjoying the sunshine yesterday, Sue Matthews of Eastfield Lane is seen in the picture being escorted along Hardwick Road by Nataliia Kuczynska. 

Nataliia lives in Whitchurch but is from Kyiv in Ukraine.  She has been in Britain for about three years and was the live-in carer for Nigel Grove until he died last November.  Recently she has become the live-in carer for Sue, who has been coping with Motor Neurone Disease. 

Nataliia says that if there are any families in the village who would like to offer accommodation to refugees from her country, she would be happy to help them make contact with suitable people.  She is appalled at what has been happening.  Some of her family have fled to Poland from their homes in Sumy, north-eastern Ukraine, where there has been heavy fighting ever since the invasion began.  She is extremely worried for her friends in Sumy and in Kyiv. 

She would be happy for anyone who would like to discuss the possibility of accommodating refugees to email her, via Sue, at  She is also contacting Becky Galea who recently posted on the Message Board.

Date/Time : Saturday, 26th March 2022 19:16

Village's 20mph limit approved

At a meeting of Oxfordshire County Council yesterday, the proposed 20 mph speed limit for Whitchurch was approved.  This follows the public consultation, in which the comments received were overwhelmingly in favour, as detailed in this report

Jim Donahue, who attended the meeting, welcomed the decision and said that it came after many years of effort by the Parish Council, supported by TAPAG (now TAPWG) and others.  The 20 mph speed limit was listed as a high priority in both the 2009 and 2019 Village Plans. 

The new signs and road markings are expected to be installed later this year.  Every road in the village is included in the new 20 mph zone. 

Meanwhile, for the pedestrian safety project at the Lower Narrows, a problem has arisen in installing the bollards.  OCC staff have detected a buried electrical cable running directly along the proposed line of bollards on the Ferryboat side.  The discovery complicates the work and how it will be solved is not yet clear. 

Date/Time : Friday, 25th March 2022 11:42

Masked men break into Hardwick Road property

At around 11.30 last night a gang of four men broke into Flat 1 on the ground floor of The Mount in Hardwick Road.  The owner, Nick Brazil, was woken from sleep by the sound of his French-windows-style front door being forced open.  He got out of bed to find out what was going on.  He was forced to his knees by one of the men, all of whom wore full face masks, and told to stay there with his head down on the bed and not to move.  The intruders repeatedly asked where the safe was.  Nick told them many times that he did not have a safe.  They searched the flat, damaged his mobile phone, but failed to find anything they wanted. 

After only a few minutes they left.  Nick called the Police who arrived promptly from Henley.  They said they would visit later to check for fingerprints. 

Nick’s dog Harold, confused by the number of visitors, had jumped on to the bed to be near his threatened owner. 

This afternoon Nick, 76, understandably shaken, said he had lived in the flat for 28 years and this was the first time he had had any trouble.  He thought it was a case of mistaken identity. 

Date/Time : Thursday, 24th March 2022 17:58

Airband work cuts off internet (Update - Repair completed)

Many residents of Hardwick Road lost their internet connection at around 11 am today when the Airband contractor pulling a new fibre cable through a BT duct accidentally damaged the BT system.  The internet was still cut at 6.30 pm when the following apology was received from the Airband project manager by two residents who had complained, Adrian Dixon and Jim Donahue: 

“I have been informed that you have experienced issues with your internet connection that may have been caused by the works being carried out by our contractor. 

As part of our network we utilise Openreach(BT) infrastructure and on this section we had a blockage within the underground duct which has been cleared and we have then rod and roped the section to pull the Airband cable through and this may have caused some damaged to the BT cables or dislodged something within the BT joint. 

Firstly, I can only apologise for the disruption this has caused.  The normal process for this is the BT customers who have been affected would log the issue with BT and they would send an engineer out to see what has caused the problem and fix it.  I don’t know what BT’s lead times are on this or how long this will take to fix.  If the situation arises that traffic management is required our road closure is in place tomorrow if BT need to use this. 

I will investigate why this has happened and either Clive or myself will let you know our findings, but sometimes these issues are unavoidable. 

Again, apologies for all the inconvenience caused. 


Mark Watts, Project Manager, Airband

Airband Community Internet Ltd, 105 Pointon Way, Droitwich Spa, WR9 0LW "

Update, 18th March, 9.45 am:  Laura Lucas reports that BT have informed her that they have investigated the damage to their underground broadband cable and that they will carry out the repair by the end of Friday 22nd March. This leaves many residents inconvenienced for several more days. Staff of Airband contractor Sitec are this morning looking at the next stage, using a detector to find BT’s duct chambers further east along Hardwick Road. They said that new customers would receive a fibre connection to their property, which could replace the present copper one from the top of the distribution pole. 

Update, 18th March, 11.30 am: Better news - BT are at work fixing the damaged cable and they expect to complete the task this afternoon. There are 100 pairs of copper wires in the cable, all to be reconnected.  There are some photos in the Gallery. 

Update, 18th March, 2.45 pm: The Airband manager reports that the repair is complete, the internet is reconnected and the road is now open again.

Date/Time : Thursday, 17th March 2022 18:37

Thames meadow walkers confined by new fence (UPDATE)

On the approach from Pangbourne meadow to Mapledurham lock, the environment of the popular Thames Path has been badly affected by the recent installation of a long, straight, timber-and-barbed-wire fence, close to the riverbank.  Walkers using the National Trail are now confined to a narrow strip, seen in the picture, less than two metres wide in places. 

A Petition has been started to have the fence moved further back from the river.  Those wishing to sign it should visit this webpage

Walkers have pointed out that the narrowness of the path will lead to muddier conditions after rain, and that there is a greater hazard for walkers, especially those with children and dogs.  This is particularly so when the river rises and the current is strong.  The fence and its location are seen as an oppressive change to a much-loved natural scene. 

The petition requests the owner of Home Farm to provide a width for walkers at least as generous as that provided by the neighbouring Spring Farm.

Update, 21st March: The Thames Path Manager in OCC is on the case. Eric Hartley has been informed that:  "We are aware of the new fence and we are working closely with West Berkshire Council who are the enforcement authority.  West Berkshire Council are in communication with the landowner and they are also aware of the concerns.  We will continue to monitor the situation and work with West Berkshire Council to improve the situation."

Date/Time : Wednesday, 16th March 2022 10:07

Installation of bollards postponed

The Parish Council advised: (but see below....)

To help improve the pedestrian safety of the Lower Narrows, bollards are being installed along the road by The Ferryboat on Tuesday 15th March.  Bollards will be on both sides of the road to protect villagers walking on the path – but it will narrow the road to only one car's width.

This may affect traffic patterns, certainly in the short term, so please proceed with caution when approaching the lower narrows….and enjoy walking along the newly protected path! 

The 15th March happens to coincide with the middle day of the three day closure of Hardwick Road for broadband roadworks.

Update, Monday 14th March:  OCC decided at a site meeting this morning that more investigation is needed of the locations of underground services before excavation work for bollards can begin.  There will be a further site meeting on 22nd March before a revised date for installation is decided.  How the work will be done in the narrow road with traffic passing is not clear as no notice of traffic lights or temporary road closure appears to have been given. 

Date/Time : Friday, 11th March 2022 14:55

Hardwick Road closure - extension to Friday

Contractors for Airband Community Internet Ltd will replace two damaged GPO chamber covers in Hardwick Road during a three day road closure later this month.  The road will be closed between the High Street and the nearer of the two Swanston Field junctions, from Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th March, between 8 am and 5 pm. 

Airband, based in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, have written to affected householders, explaining that full fibre broadband is coming to the area, thanks to an award of £6.3m from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in 2018 to OCC’s project ‘Businesses in Rural Oxfordshire’.  

The official roadworks notice and a diversion map can be seen here.  For three days, residents of Swanston Field and most of Hardwick Road who are driving to Pangbourne will need to go the long way round via Path Hill, Goring Heath, Whitchurch Hill and down the High Street.

An Airband representative has suggested to us that any local resident interested in being connected to the new service, with speeds up to 900 Mbps, should visit the Airband website and enter their postcode to see the options and the costs.  Alternatively, call them on 01905 676 121.

Update, 16th March:  The closure duration has been extended by two days to include Thursday 17th and Friday 18th.  So far the traffic management team seems to have kept the road open for most of the time. 

Date/Time : Tuesday, 01st March 2022 14:22

Public forum held on traffic and parking

There was a modest turnout for the public forum on Thursday in The Old Stables of the Traffic and Parking Working Group (TAPWG).  Three members of the public attended the gathering in person and there were four on Zoom.  Five members of the Group were present to answer questions and the forum was extended to more than an hour, prior to the Group’s monthly meeting. 

TAPWG chair Diana Smith said afterwards that the forum had provided a useful interaction with residents.  The Group will now continue to develop a range of options to be presented to the Parish Council later in the year.  Monthly meetings of the Group will continue, the minutes being posted on the Traffic and Parking page of this website.  The Parish Council will then discuss with Oxfordshire County Council their preferred option, which will replace the one to which OCC gave their unofficial approval in 2019 before opposition from a number of residents caused a reappraisal, followed by a fresh start.

Date/Time : Sunday, 27th February 2022 10:16

New map of Whitchurch and its surrounds

Candida Kennedy, who grew up in Whitchurch, has enjoyed spending some of her lockdown time painting an imaginative map of the village and neighbouring communities. 

The picture above shows part of it.  To see the whole map, scroll down the menu on the left and go to the Contact page, on which it is the fifth map listed.  For readers who would like to obtain their own copy, a link to her website is provided. 

Candida is a professional illustrator who lives in Wallingford.  She is the granddaughter of Whitchurch doctor Tony Spafford whose surgery was at Whiteways in Hardwick Road.  The Spaffords lived in the village from 1947 until 2009.  She says: “As well as being the village doctor, he captained the newly revived cricket club for many years and was a regular in The Greyhound.  Over four generations we have made many friends in the village… and frankly love the place!”

Date/Time : Sunday, 13th February 2022 11:55

New signs on bridleway name the Hartley Steps

Ten years ago, a double stepway was created to make a steep section of the Hartslock Bridleway safer for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, after a series of accidents.  The story has been told on this page of how retired safety officer Eric Hartley badgered the local authority for two years until something was done.  When a successful design for the steps was finally in place, a competition was held at the 2012 Whitchurch Fête to name them, resulting in ‘The Hartley Steps’. 

On Tuesday this week, following a request to Oxfordshire County Council last year by parish chairman Jim Donahue, warning signs were installed on each approach to the steps.   The work was done by volunteers working under the supervision of Lucy Duerdoth of OCC’s National Trails Volunteer Project Office.  The special wording requested by Jim was agreed by her office, which oversees the Thames Path.  The sign reads: “Hartley Steps – Cyclists proceed with caution - Slow down for walkers - Thank you". 

This photo page shows the new sign at the top of the steps, together with Eric receiving the Whitchurch Award in 2019 for his services to the community, awarded particularly for his work over many years on behalf of local walkers.  Maps and descriptions for Eric’s walks are on this page

This an important year for Eric and his wife Betty.  On 9th January they celebrated his 90th birthday at home in Swanston Field with two of their three children and their families.  On 16th March they are planning a party for their 65th wedding anniversary; and on 2nd July it is Betty’s turn to enjoy her 90th birthday.  

Eric says he is delighted that his efforts on behalf of the bridleway users have been recognised.

Date/Time : Friday, 11th February 2022 11:20

Hempen farm at Path Hill welcomes asylum seekers

Hempen is a farm founded in 2016 near the Whitchurch parish boundary at Path Hill, on the Hardwick estate.  Run as a not-for-profit workers’ cooperative, it is based on growing hemp which is used to make various Cannabidiol (CBD) products such as balms, creams and oils.  Recently it has been recognised as a place of sanctuary for refugees, who are encouraged by volunteers to grow their own food, spend time in nature and meet people. 

On 25th January, the Reading group City of Sanctuary presented a Garden of Sanctuary award to Hempen (picture) for its project 'Growing Solidarity'. 

There is more information in a Henley Standard article published yesterday.

Date/Time : Tuesday, 08th February 2022 10:40

Have your say on Whitchurch’s 20 mph limit

Oxfordshire County Council has today (3rd February) begun a four week formal consultation on Whitchurch’s proposed 20 mph speed limit. 

This is the opportunity for us to say whether we support the proposal, or to ask questions about it, before the closing date of 4th March. 

The Survey form, together with other documents, can be found on this OCC webpage.  Those responding are asked to register their name before filling in the form. 

The map above shows the roads affected – which is every road in the village, from 50m above the upper narrows down to the toll bridge, and along Hardwick Road to the village entrance.  Manor Road and Eastfield Lane are included.  The main hill above the village would remain at 40 mph.  The toll bridge and its approaches already have a 20 mph limit, as does Pangbourne. 

An article by parish chairman Jim Donahue on the traffic speed survey of last November, and on the current speed limit proposals, appeared with our news item of 22nd December, and can be read here.

Date/Time : Thursday, 03rd February 2022 17:10

River Thames frontage goes on sale

Two parcels of land are being offered for sale at the far end of Eastfield Lane.  One of 2.7 acres, just south of the school, includes an existing bungalow with planning permission for an extension.  The other, of 1.2 acres, includes a considerable length of river frontage.  Pangbourne estate agents Strutt & Parker are suggesting a price of £1.9 million.  There are further details and a map here

Thanks to Sarah Hanfrey for drawing attention to this. The agents call it “an exciting opportunity to acquire a building plot within the highly sought-after village of Whitchurch on Thames.”

Date/Time : Monday, 31st January 2022 10:55

New activities in Whitchurch

Two new classes have just started up in our superbly refurbished village hall, taking advantage of its new booking system. 

Recently opened is Bloom Baby – a weekly mother and baby group which provides babies with music and plenty of activities and, of course, gives mothers the chance to meet other mothers. The first sessions have been so successful that a second Monday morning slot is now being run. Information and booking details from Sara Jackson, the organiser, can be found on this website or @bloomreadingnorth on Facebook and Instagram. 

Also new is Whit Fit Bootcamp  a brand new 45 minute community exercise class for mixed fitness abilities. Run by Personal Trainer Hannah Dunbar (pictured above), these fun and challenging classes will be at 9:05am every Wednesday and 9:15am every Friday during term time. If you want to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility, in a fun and welcoming setting, then please contact Hannah directly to book your place in the class by email or 07971 116 704.  First session is free.  

Afternoon Teas continue to be held on the second Thursday of the month. They run from 2.30 to 5 pm and the next one is on 10th February. We will be baking in the village hall using the new catering equipment bought with help from a National Lottery Grant.  Jean Marc Grosfort is keen to get more people involved in the baking but, while he is recovering from his recent successful back operation, we will be restricted in what we can do.  Get well soon, Jean Marc!  See the latest poster here.

Hatha Yoga on Tuesday evenings, Tap Dancing and Camera Club on Wednesdays, and Bridge Club on alternate Wednesday afternoons, all continue to be popular. 

With the new online booking system for the hall, it’s easy to see exactly what is happening at any time by simply checking on the Booking Calendar.

Date/Time : Thursday, 27th January 2022 15:45

Car transporter blocks the High Street

Traffic was held up for about twenty minutes this evening when a car transporter arrived at the toll bridge, heading towards Pangbourne, at around 4.40 pm.  The toll collector advised the driver to continue across the bridge and turn on the other side where there’s space, but he refused.  Fortunately for everyone involved, an operative from Hazell & Jefferies with experience in HGVs and traffic management happened to be passing by.  He was able to guide the driver, who had limited English, back to The Ferryboat and help him with the challenging task of turning the truck round using the pub's car park.  There were only inches to spare - here is a larger picture.

Date/Time : Monday, 24th January 2022 18:29

Traffic and Parking survey published (Updated: Zoom link added)

The results of the Traffic and Parking survey conducted in the village last September have been collated and analysed by members of the Traffic and Parking Working Group (TAPWG).  178 residents took part, responding to 12 questions.  The results can be seen in the Report of Findings

The Group is now working on options to present to the Parish Council.  TAPWG is holding a Public Forum in the Old Stables, from 8.00 to 8.30 pm on Thursday 24th February, at which the findings of the survey and the potential proposals can be discussed.  Residents are welcome to attend to ask questions or to share views.  Please wear a mask in the building. 

Update, 3rd February:

Alternatively, you may join the forum on Zoom from 8 pm using the following link. You may also submit questions for the group to consider by contacting Diana Smith by email at: 

The Zoom link will be: 

Meeting ID: 913 1037 6802.   Passcode: VT?4p@

Date/Time : Monday, 17th January 2022 17:50

Swansong for Gill at tomorrow’s Art Café (Updated)

The Saturday Art Café has been running successfully for more than six years and has become a much appreciated part of village life.  It was set up in November 2015 by Gill Williamson, with help from Yvonne Kerevan, Sue Matthews and the late Pam Wilkinson.  Together with charity and local community group fundraisers, the Art Café has raised a remarkable total of over £60,000.  Many congratulations are due to all of them. 

Gill has decided that the time has come for her to move on.  She says: 

From the beginning of February, Geoff Weir will be taking over the bookings for the Art Café.  The contact details are 

As a swan song, I’m running this week’s Art Café in honour of Pam Wilkinson.  Pam’s family has kindly donated a much loved print of the collage ‘Mill Pond at Whitchurch-on-Thames’ by Chris Scoby-Smith** for silent auction - all proceeds from the coffee morning and the auction will go to Sue Ryder. 

I’ve enjoyed my time at the Art Café immensely and I look forward to visiting from time to time for delicious cakes and chatter.”

**Chris and the collage can be seen here.

Update, 17th January:  Gill reports that the Art Café will be sending £300 to Sue Ryder as a result of this event, in honour of Pam Wilkinson. 

Date/Time : Friday, 14th January 2022 18:01

Help rediscover Whitchurch’s overgrown memorials

Sally Woolhouse, Secretary of the Friends of St Mary’s and St John’s, brings us up to date on forthcoming activities and invites us to come along: 

If your New Year resolutions include getting more outdoor exercise and contributing more time to our local community, read on!! 

Our two churchyards, at St Mary’s and St John’s, are both important historic green spaces and part of our Whitchurch Parish heritage.  The Friends of St Mary’s and St John’s organise regular working parties at them both and everyone is invited to come along and lend a hand at the two forthcoming sessions, at St Mary’s on Sat 15th January from 10am and at St John’s on Sat 22nd January from 10am. Dig out your saws, loppers, secateurs and rakes, put on your working clothes and gardening gloves and join us at one or both sessions – it is always sociable and very satisfying. 

At St Mary’s, we are now making a concerted effort to clear the thicket at the south side (round the ‘back’) of the church. There are some very interesting and historic gravestones and memorials which have been completely overgrown for some years. The plan is to totally clear the laurel, brambles and ivy before the bird nesting season starts again. The Thames Path runs diagonally across this ancient churchyard. Hence there are many walkers passing through daily and it is important that we display our pride in this historic space. 

At St John’s, there is a similar challenge – the ‘brambly’ hedge adjoining the village green has encroached over some of the old grave plots and the aim is to reveal these again and to give them back the respect they deserve. This is of course our active burial ground and has many regular visitors to relatives’ resting places. 

If you have never visited these very special places in the heart of our community, now is the chance to discover them for the first time. 

Finally, the AGM of The Friends is being held on Saturday 29th January at 3pm in The Old Stables on the High Street, Whitchurch. Everyone is most welcome to attend and to hear about recent achievements and plans for 2022. Of course, only members of the charity, will be permitted to vote. 

If you just turn up to any of the above three events you will be most welcome. For any queries, please contact me, Sally Woolhouse, on 0118 984 4365 or email

Date/Time : Monday, 10th January 2022 13:00

Whitchurch to have 20mph speed limit

A 20mph limit for Whitchurch has finally been agreed by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC), subject only to the results of a four-week public consultation in January/February.  The limit will apply to the High Street, Hardwick Road, Eastfield Lane and Manor Road.  New signage has been approved for the three village approaches.  There is no requirement for road humps or chicanes. The cost will be met by OCC. 

For more details, see this article by Jim Donahue, which explains how Whitchurch is at the front of the queue after a change in policy by OCC. 

The results of the public consultation next month are expected to be strongly positive, in line with the wishes of residents expressed in both the 2009 and 2019 Village Plans. 

Separately, the installation of bollards on both sides of the lower narrows is expected to go ahead early in the new year.  Discussions are continuing within the Traffic & Parking Working Group (TAPWG) towards creating a pedestrian crossing for the High Street near The Greyhound.  TAPWG is also making progress towards parking control measures.  See the minutes of their latest meeting.

Date/Time : Wednesday, 22nd December 2021 16:43

Happy Christmas!

The Whitchurch Web team wishes you a very Happy Christmas.

We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting the village website this year.  We have a Christmas card for you to open. Thanks to photographer Dave Olinski for his stunning snowy image. 

We would like to thank the many people who have sent in news, photos and messages through the year and we wish all our readers a happy 2022.  

Richard, Hilary, Pam and Phil

Date/Time : Sunday, 19th December 2021 10:39

‘Lockdown’ passes through Whitchurch

Goring resident Glenn Tonner, 33, kept himself busy during lockdown by making a foldable boat from salvaged materials. Yesterday the former Merchant Navy officer paused as he reached Whitchurch bridge, on the first of four rowing days en route to London, raising money for charity. 

Thanks to Jane MacCaw for this information.  She chatted with him from the bridge pavement above and decided to contribute to the charity. 

More details here.

Date/Time : Tuesday, 14th December 2021 09:23

Poppy Appeal raises over £2,600 for British Legion

Gill Williamson and Diana Marriott report an excellent result from the 2021 Poppy Appeal.  The team of 10 house-to-house collectors** received £1,164 (despite the current difficulty of a cashless environment); the village’s two pubs collected £178 between them; the Art Café contributed £267 (which was then kindly doubled by the Reading-based company Secure Cloud Plus); and the sale of poppies, hand-made through the year by members of Claire Maslen’s Knit & Stitch team, contributed a remarkable £806; making up a grand total of £2,682 from Whitchurch.

** Jane MacCaw, Diana Marriott, Jenny Gordon, Jane Yamamoto, Mike Scott, Julie Huntington, Diana Wingfield, Sally Woolhouse, Mark Weedon and Geraint George.

Date/Time : Monday, 06th December 2021 16:22

Fallen tree blocks road

A tree fell across a road earlier today, blocking traffic between Whitchurch Hill and Goring Heath. Photo forwarded by Jane Yamamoto, who was alerted and reported it to the authorities at around 1 pm.

Date/Time : Friday, 26th November 2021 17:17

The Exhibition can now be seen online

The 2021 Art & Craft Exhibition in the Village Hall closed yesterday after giving interest and pleasure to many visitors over the weekend.  But that is not the end of it.  Many of the exhibits can now be conveniently viewed at home in the Online Exhibition, presented again after its creation last year when there was no physical exhibition.  If you missed this year’s show, or you would like to enjoy some of the works again, click on the link above.  The online exhibition will be open until 5th December. 

The flavour of the art and craft work can also be appreciated in the Photo Gallery. 

The winner in the Adult Art category was Andrew Clarence, a first-time exhibitor, for a remarkable still life of lemons. 

The painting of a Kitten, seen above, was entered by Lucy Birkett. 

The Chairman’s Cup was awarded to Alison Livesey for her Halloween Spooky Tree knitwear. 

Among other craft items, an ingenious pendulum clock made in Meccano around 40 years ago by Geoff Weir attracted attention.  

The exhibition organiser, Sally Woolhouse, has provided a List of 2021 Prize Winners

Date/Time : Monday, 22nd November 2021 18:36

Don’t miss the Exhibition!

The Art & Craft 2021 Exhibition opened in the Village Hall this morning, displaying a wonderful collection of paintings, craft works and photos entered by Whitchurch residents and school children.  The exhibition will be open again tomorrow, Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm.  After that there is an opportunity to see many of the works online. 

The lion’s head above, painted by Jean Marc Grosfort, is on display. 

The top prize for art has been awarded to Andrew Clarence, a first-time exhibitor, for a remarkable still life of lemons. 

Among many craft items, an ingenious pendulum clock made in Meccano many years ago by Geoff Weir has attracted attention. 

There is no formal prize-giving ceremony this year but prize winners in all the categories, for adults and children, will be notified.

Here is the List of Prize Winners for this year.   

Date/Time : Saturday, 20th November 2021 15:50