Parish Council

The Parish Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00pm in the Old Stables. The agenda is posted on the Parish Council notice board opposite the Greyhound about a week before the meeting. Members of the public are most welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council and there is always an opportunity to speak.

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The members of the Parish Council are:

  • Keith Brooks - Chairman
  • Jim Donahue  - Vice-chairman
  • David Bowen
  • Caroline Hart
  • Rachel Hatcher
  • Jonathan Steward
  • Denise Huxtable

Parish Clerk : Felipa House

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  • Full contact details of the Parish Councillors, the Clerk, the District and County Councillors and the Member of Parliament
  • Short profiles of the Parish Councillors
  • First points of contact within the Parish Council and Working Groups assisting the Parish Council


Parish Council meetings are recorded as follows:

  • The agenda for the next Parish Council meeting
  • The minutes of the Parish Council meetings

The minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 16th May 2016 can be read here.

The minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly held on Wednesday 11th May 2016 can be read here.

Vice-chairman Jim Donahue has updated his list of "Residents' Issues" on 2nd May 2016.

Summary  Receipts and Payments of the Parish Council for the financial year 2014/15 can be seen here.  These accounts have been audited and approved.

Summary  Receipts and Payments of the Parish Council for the financial year 2015/16 can be seen here

A document containing the Audited Annual Return is here. It is also on the Whitchurch-on-Thames PC Notice Board.

In December 2016 the parish council published its Media Policy and its Information Policy.

 Search for and select a planning application of interest and view its description and progress.

Working Groups

Several working groups meet regularly and assist the Parish Council:

  • Village Hall Management Committee - see Village Hall menu entry for hall hire etc.
  • Village Green Working Group - see Village Green menu entry for minutes etc.
  • Traffic and Pavements Advisory Group (TAPAG)
  • Whitchurch on Thames Village Plan - see Village Plan Menu entry
  • Village environment - MOWS

The members of the groups are listed here.

Other Village Topics

The defibrillator in the old telephone box

Weight Limits for Lorries in Whitchurch

Whitchurch-on-Thames 2009 Village Plan

Village Hall

The village hall is situated in Manor Road, off the High Street. It is available for hire. Details of facilities and hire charges are on the Village Hall page.


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