Village Plan

A draft of the new Village Plan is now available. The steering group would like your views as we work towards completing it. You can phone John Bradon (07789 944676) or email with comments. The plan is still in draft form but it is costed out (we will need to raise a lot of money for the village hall and new pavilion!) and working groups are starting to progress the recommendations.

The new plan builds on the previous Village Plan of 2009.

The plan was presented to the Annual Parish Assembly on Tuesday 21st May. See here.


  • Draft Village Plan

  • March 2019 - John Bradon, chairman of the committee, presented the outline of a draft three year plan at the 21st March meeting of the parish council.  Here is a 6 page summary of aspects of the plan

  • September 2018 - The results of the survey are now published. Here is a summary of the results and here are the full results.

  • June 2018 - Summary of Progress in achieving the 2009 Village Plan actions

  • February 2018 - Village Plan Timeline

  • November 2017 - Village Plan Process and Approach Working Document

  • Village Plan Minutes from November 2017 onwards

Steering Committee

Original Working Groups

  • Community Facilities (Charles Cotgreave, Jean Marc Grosfort)

  • Open Spaces (John Bradon, Jim Donahue, Leslie Maynerd, Leslie Prater)

  • Community Groups and Activities ( Keith Brooks, Sarah Hanfrey, Richard Williams)

  • Traffic and Parking issues (Rachel Hatcher and TAPAG, Will Barclay, Ben Riordan)

Working Groups beginning to implement the recommendations (Note: the composition of these groups may change and more help is needed.

  • Village Hall   (Jean Marc Grosfort, Keith Brooks)

  • Pavilion  (Neil Huntington, Cormac Neeson, Warren Beard, John Bradon, Jim Donahue, Sarah Hanfrey)

  • Community Emergency Plan  (Jim Donahue, Keith Brooks, Sarah Hanfrey)

  • Conservation Area Assessment  (Sarah Hanfrey + TBA)

  • Green Team (TBA)




The Village Plan of 2009, together with working group reports and consultation results, can be read here.








Neighbourhood Plan (on hold since September 2017)

  • Neighbourhood Plan Process, November 2016

  • Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Minutes from November 2016 to September 2017