Village Plan 2016/2017

The aims are:-

to refresh the 2009 Village Plan
to identify new issues
to incorporate framework of Community Led and Neighbourhood Plans


Village residents are invited to respond to the attached questionnaire before the end of June 2017.

Working Groups

Neighbourhood plan WG

Traffic and Parking issues WG

Make our Whitchurch Special MOWS WG


Neighbourhood Plan Process November 2016

Neighbourhood Plan WG meetings

  • Meeting on November 14th 2016 - Minutes

  • Meeting on January 30th 2017 - Minutes   

  • Meeting on  March 6th 2017 - Minutes

Traffic and Parking issues WG meetings

  • Meeting on 13th December - Minutes

Neighbourhood Plan WG members:

Jim Donahue (chair), Sarah Jane Hanfrey, Rachel Hatcher, Charles Cotgreave, Emily Williamson, John Bradon, Katherine Higley, Leslie Maynerd, Peter Ferguson, Jean Marc Grosfort, Dave Bowen, Keith Brooks

Traffic and Parking Issues WG members:

Rachel Hatcher, Jon Steward

MOWS WG members:

Leslie Meynard (chair), as of first meeting held 27th September 2016, membership included: Sally Howard, Lissie Steward, Anthea Dolby, Peter Hawley, Ray Cameron , Stan Remington

For further information on the Village Plan, please email Rachel Hatcher or Jim Donahue

2009 Village Plan

1st April 2017