The Whitchurch Maze Project

The brick maze here in our beautiful village of Whitchurch-on-Thames was designed and turned into reality by local resident, Nick Brazil. He came up with the original idea in 2003. The first turf was cut on Easter Saturday 2004 by Geoff Weir, Chairman of the Parish Council, and the maze was officially opened on 27th June 2004. Your can read Nick's acount of the original project here.

The maze, which measures 21.3 metres in diameter, was designed to blend in and enhance the lovely open meadow site. The bricks were laid in trenches so that they were flush with the ground, making it easy to maintain.

The project was carried out under the auspices of the Whitchurch Society, the village amenity group. The named bricks were sponsored by individuals and local groups. They were engraved by The Angle and Squint Co. of Stevenage, Herts. The BT Community Champions scheme made a grant, and a local resident made a generous donation. All the work was undertaken by volunteers from the village. Peter Woolhouse laid all 2,650 bricks as well as working with Nick on the detailed plans.

A restoration project was initiated by the Parish Council and the Whitchurch Society in 2013 to replace some of the bricks that had been damaged by frost. The community were invited to sponsor more named bricks and approximately 160 additional names have been added in this second phase, whilst retaining the original layout of the maze.

A sign board has been erected  on the site.